Join the Thanksgiving Alliance!

Hey! We’re the Thanksgiving Alliance! We’re an alliance operated by Elyria Robotics team 11124P Cheese from Elyria, Ohio! We are an alliance that accepts ALL robots of food names! We also take applications for food-related names! The idea behind this is to get all of the food robots under one home so we can discuss ideas, help with questions etc. Right now we have an instagram page and a twitter page. If you wish to apply then follow and send a direct message! We’ll be happy to accept all food! The instagram page is @ thanksgivingalliance and the twitter is @ thanksgivingal2 ! We hope to see you soon!

I don’t mean to be that guy, but do we rly need another alliance? IMO blitz, tva, cyclone, vortex, blizzard, drow, and disco is already enough. And that’s just the big ones. There’s also 6, puzzle, iron, quantum, earth, and chaos.


Well there are already quite a few food names for the teams we have actually met and it’s more fun than anything! Plus it gets you talking to people and helps create more friends! So if you ask me, I 100% think there should be another alliance like us :slight_smile:


Can you recategorize this to chitchat ?

I do not see how this helps understanding of specifically this season’s game.


What the Thanksgiving Alliance is really trying to do is develop friendships and experiences with like-minded people and have a fun and interesting experience with this year. It’s more fun to be a part of an alliance with someone named Cheese and Beef or Cajun Chicken and Kiwis. It’s an experience for people who like to have fun and want to enjoy robotics just a little bit more than usual. Enough said, if you’re interested let us know!


keep in mind that those alliances are mostly highly selective, and invitation/application acceptance only.


Does it count if I name my robots after fish? Also you should probably make a discord if you want people to join.


Alright, C’mon guys, it’s a goofy alliance for fun, don’t want to join it then don’t, but at least let them do there own thing. They’re not necessary, but that’s the point, they’re for fun.


Food does taste really good and teams do have some serious names so this will be a fun thing though.

It’s really fun and the team is cool!

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