Joining the International Robotics Honor Society

Hi all,

I am curious about joining the international robotics honor society. Is there any more information about this?

I am planning to fill this out, but what happens if you get accepted, are there some sort of duties? I’m not so familiar with honor societies as I live in Japan, but this is ‘International’, so i should be eligible, right?

Does my school need to have some sort of pre-existing school membership too, or can I just be joining this as an individual, what’s the deal with the whole school membership form, how is it different from the honor society?

As far as I can tell, IRHS is something a specific school would adopt. The general idea behind an honors society is a school organization that certain students join, usually with extra requirements, with a focus on something (like community service, art, robotics, etc) Most people do them cause they look good on college applications.

I don’t think there’s an international/non-school chapter of IRHS, you there’s no joining as an individual. Maybe talk to your teachers and see if they want to start a chapter?

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