Joy stick

I can not get buttons 1 and 2 work after updating software. What do to fix the problem?

Really? I want you to read what you posted and ask yourself “If I was on the other side of this question, did I proved any useful information?”

After spending over $1000.00 update my hardware and software we are now having a hard time get the hardware and software working. I have five vex robot team get ready for competition on Dec. 4. I it found very upsetting to purchase new software and hardware having to download upgrades to the software in order to use them. We are in the process of programming our robot but we cannot get the joystick to work with the motor. We can get button 3-4 to work with the robot, but buttons 1-2 will not work. Shouldn’t button 1-2 be able to run a motor? You comment is insulting the coaches working with student who are struggling with programming for the first time. Maybe it is time for me to switch from EasyC software to Robot C. RobotC training/support looks better and more available. The really frustrating thing that I have four team last year that struggled with the vexnet hardware upgrade. We final figured it all out and now we are going through all again this year. An example program using the new cortex hardware and software would be helpful.

Please do not take offense to post, we are just trying to help everyone. This forum supports all versions of easyC and thousands of VEX teams in a variety of applications and robotic competitions.

Have you went through the 14 tutorials in the easyC help file. We specifically made this for teams like you to help with the transition to the new Cortex hardware. The help file is very detailed. You can also click on the help button in any function block to get specific help on that topic.

Have you tried the Joystick Digital to Motor function yet. This is the function you should use. Please verify it is in a while(1) loop.

I hope this helps.

It was not meant to be insulting, it was to prompt to provide more information. You didn’t provide any information to troubleshoot with.

What system PIC or Cortex.

What buttons? On PIC there are only buttons on channels 5 & 6 and on Cortex they are only 5,6,7 & 8.

What version of easyC? Version 2, Pro, Version 4?

Updating the software…
Updating the controller software? Updating easyC?