Joystick Accelerometer

What are the identifiers for the accelerometer in the Joystick? The “Shake” output is what I’m interested in, but I would also like to know the identifiers for the 3 axes.

In EasyCV4, you can see all the Joystick commands in the pulldown window for Joystick.
GetJoystickAccelerometer the X and Y axis are identified for you there, or in the Help link.
Or you can look in API.h to find all the same defined commands, as well as others, like GetJoystickAccelerometerEx (experimental?) which looks like it gets both X,Y at once.

There was another report that Joystick Z accel didn’t work well.

I can’t find any “shake” in API.h or in the help files or anywhere in text in the Intellitek tree, except in the ReadMe.txt for the EasySketch sample program.

The Sample program EasySketch simulates a shake input by looking for large deltas in accel inputs.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I use ROBOTC.
today I remembered that the identifiers for the accelerometer are accelx, accely, and accelz (or similar to that), but I still dont know how to reference the shake output

You access the value of the accelerometer in the joystick by using vexRT[AccelX] and vexRT[AccelY]. There is no z-axis in the joystick. I do not know of any command that checks for shaking, but you can do what jgraber said and write your own routine to check if the joystick is being shaken.

the last 2 should exist as they are advertised, but maybe not.

I’m not sure about the shake control, but I know that you can’t access the z-axis as of now. Take a look at this post:

OK, Thanks