Joystick and Robot are connected but no inputs are working

So I have my robot here and I just finished building it. I hooked up the Controller to the robot and all the lights that should be on are on but for example I go up on the joystick and nothing happens and this happens for all button inputs. I went back into the instuctions (PS I have the Clawbot Set) and everything is wired right and I even replaced the motors. Does anyone have an idea on what is going on and how to fix it?

Do you have V5 system or an older Cortex hardware?

In both cases for wireless control to work you will need to pair joystick (controller) with the Cortex or V5 Brain unit. Hera are the instructions for both old and a new system:

In case, if you use wire to connect joystick to the robot, then I am not sure what may be the problem, perhaps you need to post more details, including the code.