Joystick channel issues

So I’m having a bit of joystick issues. If I program tank mode a standard way,

tankcontrol (2,3);

and for some reason, channel 2 won’t do anything, but channel 4 will.
If I put

tank control (3,2);

And if it doesn’t switch, but the 3 goes to channel 4 and inverts.
I tried joystick config and different joystick.
I don’t know what’s wrong

I don’t know if this is the problem, but try Ch2, Ch3 instead of 2, 3. In RobotC all the channels and button are actually a number (starting at 0), when you type Ch1 the compiler sees it as the number 0, so the compiler sees your 3 as Ch4.

Google “C enum” for more details.

@DarkMatterMatt. In Robotc, all the channels correlate to the different axis’s on the joystick. As in ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4. As do the buttons. The Number refers to the axis or group, not the number of axis or buttons