Joystick Completely Disconnects From Cortex

While we are driving the robot the joystick keeps disconnecting from the cortex. We have already tried switching joysticks, keys, the battery, cortex, and we’ve tried using the competition switch. We have also tried just driving it with the orange cord but it still continues to occasionally disconnect. This issue just recently surfaced after having been working for months even though we have not made any changes to the programing or structure of the robot. The autonomous program still works well and without any problems, only the driver control is having difficulties with staying connected.

I would make sure that your usb ports are intact. Back when my team used those, we had tons of issues with the USB ports breaking, and we would have to ductape the keys and the wire down in certain positions to have it connect. Would you be able to somehow post a video of the status lights on both the controller and cortex when connecting?