Joystick controlled vex motor!!! :)

So I was digging through my closet last week and found an old but still really cool and functional joystick. So I figured why not hooked it up to a robot? Then I spent the better part of a week tinkering with some joystick sample code until I got it to work right through a C# program. Once I finished that I simply connected it to an arduino and built a system much like my serial controlled stepper motor to control the motor. It is sent serial instructions and the arduino then sets the motor to the correct value.

Its just sooooo much fun to mess with the joystick to control your motors or even a robot!!!

For those of you that know a bit of C# I will be releasing the code with some instructions…This code is tricky because I changed settings for it to run on my 64bit system and changed a few other little settings in visual studio. I will try to include documentation to get it working but if you still have trouble you can pm what errors you are getting.


The quality is not the best yet (its still processing) but you can see whats going on.
By robofreak, shot with HDR-SR5 at 2010-01-17
By robofreak, shot with HDR-SR5 at 2010-01-17
By robofreak, shot with HDR-SR5 at 2010-01-17
By robofreak, shot with HDR-SR5 at 2010-01-17

Very nice!!!

Did you connect the joystick to the VEX RC Transmitter? I was able to interface my VEX Power Glove shown in the VEX Gallery to the VEX RC Transmitter by overidding one the VEX joysticks. In addition, I interfaced a 100K Ohm POT to the second joystick and used it for a motor speed control.

No the joystick is connected to the computer, and the computer then has a 2nd connection the the arduino micro controller which is on the desk as well. This could be interfaced with the vex micro controller but I don’t know about using it with the RC transmitters. I know that you can use MPLAB and program serial communication in which is all you need to make this work with a simple ttl serial to (usb, rs232, xbee, bluesmirf) connecting the micro controller and pc together! I use arduino because is small and simple.

As soon as I finish my java homework (er stupid stupid even more stupid) I am going to try and build a robot out of this stuff and hopefully attach something to the trigger…I just can’t resist pulling the trigger and having something shoot out

hahaha nice. Please make a tutorial!!!
And I have a question, how far wireless could it go? Because if it goes 150 feet, I’m DEFINATLY making a mobile base for my rocket launcher. Because I can already hook the Vex camera to my laptop… mwa ha ha. Terrorize walmart!!

This is not wireless but if for some reason you wanted to go wireless there are many options. Option A a simple $10 radio link - 500ft line of sight, Option B a bluesmirf link 300ft $80, Option C a standard X bee link 1 mile $150, Option D - OVERKILL Xbee 1 watt - 40 mile line of sight and about 3 to 5 miles in an urban environment $400!

Easily hooking it up to vex in for example easy c is not possible you would have to have MPLAB to program your vex. The joystick control is a much more advanced form of control that takes a good deal of effort to set up its not like the vex RC setup.