Joystick Controller Platform for World Championship


Since the platforms are elevated at the world championship, will there be platforms that are outside of the perimeter of the playing field for teams to set their joysticks down if they need to? For instance, if all of the members of the driving team (2 driver + 1 coach) are busy handling elements & gates during the game, they will not be able to hold the joystick and it’s not the best idea to leave it dangling from the field. Or are the cables will be long enough to reach the ground so it won’t be an issue?

If neither of those two options above are available, is it legal to ask a volunteer or bring a stool or something to set the joysticks on them?

Thank you!

The cables are long enough so that Joysticks may be placed on the floor.

We also believe that teams with (3) people in the booth should have enough hands available to hold both sets of Joysticks and still manipulate the robot and handle elements.

It is not legal to bring a stool. It is not legal to ask a volunteer.