Joystick Controller Problem

I have the new VEX net joystick controller, and when I am using it, it constantly disconnects from the robot and all the lights turn red. Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it???


So all the lights are solid red? This happened to one of the teams at the first scrimmage this season. We fixed it by replacing the batteries in the joystick. The AAAs run out in the very quickly.

If this does not fix it, I have found that holding down the config button on the joystick for 5 seconds and restarting the controller often fixes a lot of problems.

If you are still having problems I would download the latest master firmware to both the joystick and cortex. This can be done very easily through the new version of RobotC, and I think you can do it through easyC too. Make sure you follow the guide from the program help while doing this!

Pikey ~ Team aMEss, Massey University, New Zealand