Joystick & Cortex misnumbering

Hi as a newbie I wonder if anyone recognises my problem. There seems to be no correlation between the numbers of the vex controller (ps3 type handset) and those on the cortex. IE when I connect a motor to the cortex number 1/2 that is not operated by the 1/2 control on the controller. Its ok I can work them all out just seems strange and i wondered if it was a bug / i need to reset both pieces of kit. This happens whether I connect wireless or wired.

Have you programmed the Cortex? The motor ports do not directly correspond to the joystick.

You can use a trial version (or purchase it) of easyC or ROBOTC. You can find discussions of what to use on the forums. However, if you are just looking for basic programming that is quick and easy to use, I would recommend easyC.

The Cortex also comes with pre-programmed operator controls. You can see this document (page 6) to choose which one. I can’t remember if jumper clips were included in the box with the Cortex. If not, you can order them here.

Hope this helps!