Joystick Issue

The Joystick won’t connect to the robot and the only light flashing on the joystick is the light for Robot and its flashing green quickly. On the robot Vexnet and game are flashing yellow and Robot is flashing green. Whats the problem here.

Hello Lost In Pink,

Ideally when you try to sync a VEXnet System you will see yellow/orange LEDs on the Joystick & Cortex, which means search mode; however, it looks like your Joystick fails to go into search mode.

I recommend updating the firmware in your Joystick & Cortex.
Are you familiar with updating the firmware?
If not, let me know and I can go into more detail.


PS- For more information on the meaning of the LEDs on the VEXnet System, please refer to page#8 of the Cortex/Joystick User Guide.