Joystick Issue

The Joystick won’t connect to the robot and the only light flashing on the joystick is the light for Robot and its flashing green quickly. On the robot Vexnet and game are flashing yellow and Robot is flashing green. Whats the problem here.

See page 8 of this:

I has all the LED patterns.

Did you pair the joystick and Cortex?

Im quite sure I paired them, thanks Ill go try and pair them again

I had something quite similar happen to me this season (I don’t remember exactly what the light’s were doing but I think it was the same)

I was able to connect only if I held the keys REALY close to one another and then once connected they never disconnected much or had ant problem reconnecting, during the match.

I never bother my head about it but it did scare alliance partners :smiley:

The problem disappeared with vexnet 2.0.

Not sure if it was the same problem you are having but I thought I’d throw that out there.

Hi lost in pink! If you’re the team that won the IL state competition, we’re the alliance that picked you! Nice seeing you on the forums!

From what you’ve said, it sounds to me your vexnet is giving you grief.

I’d suggest you download your code to your cortex again, pair your joystick and key one more, and make sure all your batteries (including your backup) are fully charged. Also, make sure that no wifi devices are on. They really interfere with your robot.

If that doesn’t fix anything, I’d suggest investing in some Vexnet 2.0 keys. Right now Vex is doing an offer where you can trade in your old keys and get $30 off the new ones. You’ll have to update your firmware, and maybe even get a new VEX ID, but it’s worth it. I convinced my team to buy them early on, and we’ve had no disconnects. Not to mention that the 2.0’s connect at near-half the speed of the old ones. They’re worth the money. Just remember to always tape up your keys.

Thanks for all of those and none of those happened to work, I know about the Vex 2.0 deals but ATM Our team of broke 14 year olds can’t do it :P, We should have them by worlds cause of the school. But I still havent tested holding them close to each other, and yes this is the Lost In Pink team you picked, Good to see you guys on the forum too(Im that one guy on our team, the one who did alot of talking, The programmer kid who had black hair, yah thats me). But Thanks all in all guys