Joystick LEDs Solid Red

Our team has old joysticks that we are trying to update to the newer software. One specific joystick is not recognized by my computer through the A-to-A cable, it just shows the ‘Joystick, VEXnet, and Game’ LEDs as solid red. When I attempt to update the joystick I receive a message saying that no joystick is connected. The same goes for running the controller off of its batteries. I tried changing the batteries out multiple times and even tested them with all results coming back over 7volts. I also checked the circuitry for the controller and everything is working fine. Any suggestions? Do we have a dead controller? Thanks!

5839 - Tech Robotics

Usually all red means completely dead controller batteries. Is it correct that regardless what you do (batteries, batteries and A-A, only A-A, programming cable(if you have it), controller on or off) it is always all red or off?

Also, are you using the standalone IFI update utility, or a utility in RobotC/EasyC/other?

Edit: Have you also tried what happens when you run it connected to the cortex with the A-A?

We have had this happen a couple of times. Try a different A-A cable, that did the trick for us. Also the stand alone updater tends to work better if you are using the programming software. If you try a new cable (Serial with batteries or A-A) with the stand alone updater from the VEX website ( and it still doesn’t work, I would look into the prolific drivers and your current driver for the downloading side of it. Hope this helps.