Joystick or Cortex Issue - Will not connect

VEX Robotics Support,
I been having issues with getting connection between our recently purchased VEX Cortex and Vexnet keys. I have gone through the troubleshooting steps detailed in the VEXnet_Cortex_UserGuide_081811.pdf that is available online. As an advisor for two teams we have also tried using the other teams keys and the problem persists. Here is the problem in detail:

  1. Team #1’s Cortex will not connect to their Master Remote by Vexnet Key after the firmware has been updated on both the remote and the Cortex.
  2. Team #1’s Keys from Master remote will connect to Team #2’s Cortex and keys when Team #2 is practicing in the same room within less 4 feet.
  3. Team #1 has attempted to connect their Cortex and Master remote using Team #2’s Vexnet keys and have been unsuccessful.
  4. All Bluetooth devices in the room have been turned off and has been unsuccessful in connection.

The Vexnet light on both the Master Remote and Cortex flash yellow quickly when they attempt to pair. I have tried using another team’s Cortex that we have been able to borrow and the problem persists. What other resolution do you have to offer for this problem? By the way, we are participating in a scrimmage this Saturday and the TSA VEX Competition May 2-4, 2014. Your quick assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, both Cortex and Joystick have updated firmware downloaded to them from the Robot C 3.6.2 which is the software on the computer.

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Yes, as Chuck said make sure they are paired.

Also, Bluetooth devices should have no effect on the keys. They run on wifi frequency, but interference from normal wifi radiation should not prevent them from connecting.

Kevin and Chuck,
Thank you for your assistance. I connected the master remote to the cortex and they finally paired. :eek: What is interesting is the other team’s robot did not seem to need this step, it paired the remote with the cortex when we inserted the VEXnet keys. Rookie mistake not to connect with communication cables first but I am an advisor for two rookie teams - :rolleyes:

Once again thanks for your help and prompt replies it saved a lot of panic on the part of the students and me :smiley: