Joystick output values

re the Vexnet joystick:

I understand it’s range is 127 to -127 in Ch1 and Ch2 directions. So All the way up is 127 on Ch2, all the way right is 127 on Ch1.

What is all the way up at 45 degrees? (i.e. 1:30 clock position)? Is it Ch1=127 and Ch2=127, or is it some value less than 127? Does the joystick act like it’s in a box that fits in it’s circle so full up and full right are actually out of the box, or is is a circle inside the box and at 45 degrees X and Y aren’t quite to their max values?

Or some other way?


On a calibrated controller, pushing a Joystick to the max position at a 45 degree angle will give you approximately CH1 = 105 and CH2 = 105. It won’t give you a full 127. However, if you haven’t calibrated your controller, it may give you different values so we recommend calibrating it if you haven’t already.
Joystick at 45.jpg

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