Joystick Pairing

I recently purchased the clawbot. We were going to try programming, but then decided to get going with a joystick.

So I purchased a joystick and vex net 2.0.

I cannot get the joystick to pair with the Cortex controller. I updated the firmware on both as shown in the pictures. When I hook them up I get the following

Red joystick light on
Green robot light blinking slowly
Green vex net light on

Green robot light blinking slowly
No vex net light
Green game light blinking fast

Hello Dalek,

Thanks for the screenshots, I see that you are loading an outdated version of the firmware in your Microcontroller & Joystick. I suspect that might be the source of your communication problem.

What I recommend is to update your whole system (Microcontroller, Joystick & Keys) using the firmware we have listed in our website. This means, you will have to install in your PC the following firmware update utilities:

VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility 4.1.5
VEXnet Key 2.0 Firmware Upgrade Utility 1.46

Once they are installed in your PC, let me know and I can go in further details.


Firmware Doc.pdf (208 KB)