Joystick Problems (official forum)

I am having a problem with my vexnet joystick. The x axis of left joystick is giving an output of almost full power when it is in the center. I tried calibrating it multiple times, but that didn’t help. Then I opened it up and found that if I wiggle the plug on the main circuit board leading to the buttons on the top of the joystick I can sometimes get it in a position where the left joystick works properly. I found some white powdery junk around the pins on the plug, and I tried to make sure it wasn’t connecting any of the pins, but that didn’t help.
Is there anything I can do or do I just need to get a new joystick?

Down Cellar Laboratories,

The VEXnet Joystick problems you have described indicate that the Joystick is broken beyond any simple fix. Please send an email to in order to discuss the possibility of having your joystick replaced free of cost.

Thanks for posting. Have a nice day!

OK, thanks