joystick programming!

#1 joystick programming Today, 06:19 PM please help me! I want to program my robot to use only one joystick to move forward, backwards, left and right! And left the other joystick for the motor that controls the arm! please help me! I’m using RobotC, free preview.

Hi Frankfort,
I’m sorry you’re having problems, and that no one has replied to you yet.
This seems like the type of question that the ROBOTC tech support folks can best answer, so I sent a message to them and asked for help.

If no one gets back to you soon, I recommend you contact support directly here:

Again, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble and I’ll try to make sure someone helps you resolve things soon!


Hello Frankfort,

This is John Watson from ROBOTC, I apologize for the delay in my response. We have a sample program that should get you started; it is the ‘Simple 1-Joystick Drive.c’ sample program and can be found under the ‘File -> Open Sample Program -> Wireless Controller (Remote Control)’ sample programs folder.

To add the arm control, you will need to add another line of code inside of the while loop to map the arm motor to a specific joystick channel:

setMotorSpeed(armMotor, getJoystickValue(ChD));