Joystick Screws

When you take a close look at the Joystick, and at the side where the ports are, you’ll notice two holes for screws to fit in. What are they for? Do you guys use them in any particular way?

When the Cortex came out, VEX told us they were there in case they wanted to offer joystick accessories that needed to be attached. I’m not sure if they ever had firm plans for those screw holes.

There were high hopes at one time for a display that would read back info from the Cortex (like the online debugger in RobotC). I’ve seen teams attach lanyards to the posts to keep from dropping the controllers.

I had built a plate for my demo bot that said what the controls were for. It made it easy for people to learn how to drive the robot.

I used them to attach a field controller so it wouldn’t dangle during testing.

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@antichamber recently posted about the button extensions that he attached to his controller using the screw holes.

There are a few obscure novel uses.

I’ve put a phone mount to video while test driving. you just to have steady hands while driving.