Joystick spring broke

Over the last competition, my team broke the right-side joystick. Basically, it won’t “spring back” to the centered position. This is the second one (we had one like this last year, but it was brand new). I suspect that the controller is more than a year old. I plan on calling Vex to see what, if any, advice they have for fixing/replacing it. If it is out of warranty, any thoughts on how to attempt to repair it?

Also, does this happen to other teams? Or are we just lucky?

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Try pushing the joystick in, you might have just pulled it up which causes it to have more friction

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I would contact vex and see if you can send it to be repaired. I think the problem originated because you were brutal of the joystick. Whoever drives it is probably applying too much force with their right hand without realizing it. A temporary solution to this would be to code in a large dead zone on the joystick and lean to manually reset it.