Joystick Stuck in Bootloader Mode

Pretty much the title. I was in the middle of updating a very out of date joystick (firmware v 3.25 IIRC), and forced the bootloader as directed by the upgrade utility. At this point the joystick went into bootloader mode (as indicated by the slow blinking green robot light), and was no longer detected by the upgrade utility. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable many times, yet it is still in boot loader mode. I also tried holding down the config button while plugging the joystick in, which as far as I can tell had no affect other than to turn the robot, vexnet, and game lights solid green for the duration of the config button being pressed. i also updated two other joysticks successfully using this same computer and upgrade utility right before this one. Any Ideas as to how i can recover my joystick?