Joystick with build in LCD screen

I’ve seen something similar mentioned but not exactly this.
What I think would be nice would be to have a small LCD screen integrated into the joystick so that its easy to see the robots status.
maybe something like a smaller version of the current LCD screen, and it would probably have to sit where the current vex logo goes…
For the programmer probably give it a similar interface to the current LCD screen and have it controlled from the robot, i.e. the joystick just passively displays information sent from the robot, maybe just keeps an eye out for certain packets or something.

just a thought

I agree this could be very helpful.

The idea of getting an LCD screen for the joystick has been around for a while, and I’ve personally seen it suggested many times. However, one must remember that that would take up more bandwidth on vexNet, creating an even less stable and slower robot connection. As far as I’m can think of, that is the big problem with creating such an add-on for the joystick

Please correct any wrong assumptions I make, but I’d have thought the overhead of updating a 2 line character display would have been minimal.

Assuming the same specs as the current LCD screen, then thats 2 16 character lines, so 32 bytes, say limit the update to 10 times a second, which means about 320 bytes per second or about 3k baud.

about how much usable bandwidth does the 802.11g connection give each player?

You are correct, driving a display would have a negligible effect on WiFI usage. When the ROBOTC debugger is running and receiving information through VEXnet, it uses far more bandwidth than a display would. I don’t think there’s a minimum packet size for a 802.11 frame like the 64 byte ethernet minimum but a few extra bytes per packet for display would have no real impact.

This is clearly on the technology road map as suggested here:
I don’t think bandwidth is the issue, rather a master firmware update and which connection to use on the handset, the most likely would be the programming to allow for a second joystick and competition connections.

Cheers Kb

i think an OLED or Graphic LCD could have even more potential just an idea

Yes but NOW we’re talking about alot of data. Honestly I don’t the robots need anything that complex (or expensive) - just something simple to get basic feedback from.

It would also be nice because then we could have menus on the joystick!

Why not this.

That would be perfect with the new antigravity motors!

If you read the post from JVN, it has been discussed as an add on to the controller (i.e. those mysterious screws on top have a purpose) I think it would be a great option that would enable drivers to receive more information from the robot.

menus on the joystick would be great. I already utilize dual lcd on my robot! i think an lcd on the joystick would be very useful.