My joystick-“Device in ram mode.”- i can’t find anything in the manual about this. Anyone?

Well, what did you do prior to your joystick going into ram mode? You may want to try pairing it with your cortex again to see if that fixes it.

First try some fresh batteries. Sometimes that does the trick.

Have you tried:

  1. forcing a firmware update to the joystick (then re-pair to the cortex)
  2. the paperclip reset button procedure?

I replaced the batteries, tried updating/restoring the firmware with the upgrade utility tool, and tried updating/restoring the IFI code, as said to in the manual, with the easyC program, and it still shows up as in Ram Mode.

If it is boot mode than it means that something went wrong while trying to update it. Usually I fix this issue with the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility. It will allow you to force into boot mode and allow you to update the software on it.

Found at this site:

Thanks for the linking it, I didn’t have time to find the link.