Joysticks won't work in Virtual Worlds

Joysticks won’t work in the Virtual world even though the coding is correct.

What type of joystick are you using in virtual worlds? Also can you post the code you are using?

We are using the VEX EDR Legacy Controllers. We have found an error in the automated code, and I am not sure if that is causing the remote to not work. I have attached the code. vex code.pdf (69.5 KB)

The way your code is implemented is a bit funky. It is possible what you are doing works but lets start with something simpler. Make an infinite while loop, get the joystick settings, and then read the joystick values. Remove all the default argument stuff.

Or open one of the sample programs for RVW remote control and see if you can make a motor control a joystick with something simple.

Actually can you post a picture of what controller you mean? I think your using the wrong one.

You need a LogiTech joystick for RVW, I forget exactly which model.

My believe it’s one of these

Logitech Gamepad F310

(was on my phone when I realized he said vex EDR joystick)

Thank you! We are definetly using the wrong controllers. I was having them use the one’s that came with our robots. I thought they would be the same ones. I didn’t look close enough at what they said. This is why we should’t assume;) I will def. get some of those!

Also, do you know how to fix the error that pops up that is from the code that RobotC auto generates? That is the code I attached. It popped up when a student was trying to follow along iwth the example.

Thank you so much for your help. I am still very new to the world of coding and robots!