Judge bias caused my team to lose 2/16/19 Vex IQ regionals

Hello! Does anyone know what to do? The judges at my VEX competition counted a high-scored hub as nothing because the hub under it was touching the blue border. They didn’t even think beofre they took the hub off! What should I do?

There’s not much you can do at this point. The time to contest scoring issues is right then and there. Once the field is reset, there is nothing you can do. The nomenclature in Vex is that refs are at the fields and judges assess the engineering notebooks and stuff. So I think you’re accusing the refs of being biased - not the judges. I can’t really address that. Is the only reason you think that because they mis-scored that one match? Why do you think the refs were biased?


But I tried to argue, but they reset the field before we asked!

I had the same thing happen to me at a competition. We were in Eliminations and my partner accidentally tipped the opposing robot. (This is after the other opposing robot, not the one that he tipped, had their battery fall out.) We tried to argue that it wasn’t match affecting because the score was clearly in our favor, but the ref said were weren’t allowed to argue and we were disqualified.

I think the rules about refs listening to our sides of the story should be a little more lenient in order to have an accurate view, from both side, of what actually happened.


It definitely sounds like they were too hasty when they scored the match, but that doesn’t mean they are biased against your team, only that they aren’t careful enough when scoring matches.

I believe they should have looked more closely when scoring the match, and they should have had better training if this was possible.

If you tried to argue as soon as you could, but they reset the field before you could say anything, I think they should have replayed the match if there was enough time available. (That’s just my opinion, though, and it’s possible that this isn’t doable.)


One minute for an IQ match that you can reset in 7.8 seconds? Yeah, that’s possible. IQ refs always work alone, at least in VRC you have at least a couple of refs there.

However, this proves their bias: When a team played, when the buzzer went off to end the game, the robot was only parked, and the other was only low hanging. They would have lost to us if that was counted. However, both teams went 2 seconds overtime, high hanged, and won. Also, the points were not shown, probably to hide any hints of bias and evidence that could be used against them.

I’ve been a scoring referee and a head referee for both VEX IQ and VRC. When I am a referee, nobody leaves the field or touches scoring elements until both teams agree that the match is scored correctly. Usually, we have two “scoring referees” who independently add up the scores (either on paper or tablet). when the two scoring referees agree, then the score is reviewed by both teams to ensure they agree the match was scored correctly. Only then are the scores submitted to the TM. It may take a little longer to score, but if there are two fields running, the head referee can start the next match (assuming there are not unusual scoring situations) while the two scoring referees finish up the previous match.


Train your team to approve the score before resetting or leaving the field.

@kmmohn Your process is what we do at our events. And we all follow the same sequence (low score, high score, bonus hubs … parked, low hang, high hang so that the roboteers can follow along.

On the original post, the time to fix it was when the match was scored. If it’s missed then it’s missed. Our other rule is “The referee ruling is final”.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

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