Judging Questions

I was wondering what some of the questions judges ask you are. I am probably going to do a mock judging meeting for my team before our first competition to get them a little prepared to answer and talk to judges.


There should be a judges manual somewhere…

Some questions would be
How does your robot work?
what was your design process?
did any robots inspire your robot, and if so who?
did you use a computer aided design program?
What gives your robot the edge in competition?
what is your favorite part of the robot and why?
if you had an additional week, what would you do to your robot?
How long has your team been around?
How many competitions did you participate in?

Stuff like that. Usually they start with easy, icebreaker questions. Then develop towards more competition questions, then your experience questions.
it usually takes 2-10 minutes for an interview(depending on time and how you answer questions)

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