Jump Clip

What do you use Jump Clips for and what do they do(do they just light up?) ?
I tried to look at other forums and couldn’t find out.

I could be wrong when I say this but I found this online.

In competitive robotics, jumper clips are for the most part used to select an autonomous routine before a match. Set up your autonomous code to say something like, “If there’s a jumper in Digital3, then run autonomous pattern xxx”; “Otherwise, if there’s a jumper in Digital 4, then run autonomous pattern yyy.” In this regard, jumper clips serve the same function as an LCD screen, but don’t cost $50. In fact, you probably already own some clips, as they come included when you buy a cortex. Source-https://renegaderobotics.org/vex-sensors-jumper-clips-led-indicators/#:~:text=In%20competitive%20robotics%2C%20jumper%20clips,autonomous%20routine%20before%20a%20match.


However, Jumpers were deprecated in V5, and can no longer be queried with VexCode.

So I can’t use it anymore?

If I can, what should I select for the menu inside the 3 wire port.

I believe you can use it as a bump switch if I’m not mistaken

sure they can, just configure the 3wire port as a digital input or switch and read the value.


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