Jumper Clip Help

I’m fairly new w/ the Vex programing and the materials it requires. I would like to know how the jumper clips work, and what to do. I have read th manual, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

please help


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You place the jumper clips into the analog/digital ports along with the interupts but that is a bit more advanced. In the control section of the binder it shows controls for the programs along with the drive (either 12 or 23) and where to place a jumper clip if one is needed.

i think the jumper clip acts like a switch, but it is always connected. aka it would always return a “one” to the microcontroller. it’s like the bumper switches constanly pressed down.

i havent used them since i got the programming kit.

thanks, now that makes sense.

Even with the Programming Kit there could still be uses.

You could make a Program that works two different way, but only one way at a time, depending on the addition of a Jumper. That way you could do Two Different things with your Bot, without Downloading a New program, just add the Jumper and the Bot Program changes… Even without Re-Booting the Bot.

this is my first time putting together a vex robot but i was thought what it was for.
if u have your bumpers on the bot and u put the jumper clip in # 13 for anolog it will drive by itslef and also if you have four motors and plug them n right you will put them all to one joystick if u put the clip in #15.

marko, i have never needed to use a jumper. now i have used bumper switches to switch modes, but thats it.

Yes, they would function the same way… You don’t need to “use one”, it is a choice.
With the Vex “Default Code”, Motors #7 and #8 are controlled with Channels #5 and #6 (see Invertor’s Guide, pages E-2 or E-4 in Appendix E), with the Jumper set on Input #15, Motors #7 and #8 are controlled with Channels #2 and #3 (see Invertor’s Guide, pages E-8 in Appendix E) in Tank Mode, and Motors #7 and #8 are controlled with Channels #1 and #2 (see Invertor’s Guide, pages E-10 in Appendix E) in Arcade Mode.

I have used jumper clips before for autonomous modes. If you set several ports to digital, you can check them to see if their value is a 1 or a 0, and if it is a 0, there is a jumper in that port. I tested this with 3 ports, and setting it up with binary I was able to get 8 different autonomous modes with one program.

Those little boogers are pretty useful, if you ask me!