jumper clip

could someone tell me what a jumper clip is and how to use it?

these are the uses for it that i know of:

if it is placed into interupt #6, it will disable the autonomous mode.

it can be used in different ports to switch between different autonomous.

i’m pretty sure this isn’t totally correct…
When you use a Vex competition template, a jumper clip in interrupt ports 5/6 can switch between autonomous only and operater control only.

To answer the “what” part, a VEX Jumper clip is one of these guys:


As for how you use them, you plug them into an I/O port exactly like any other sensor. In your program, you treat them just like a limit or bumper switch. If the jumper is present, it will act like a switch is constantly pressed. If the jumper is absent, it will act like a switch that is never pressed.

As has been mentioned above, the default code and the competition templates make use of jumpers. For complete details about the default code’s use of jumpers, have a look in the Inventor’s Guide.


  • Dean

thanx to everyone for all of the help