Jumpers not working

For some reason, when I put in jumpers in interrupts 5 or 6, its suppose to be only autonomous/operator controlled, but for some reason when I put the jumpers in, it goes through the whole cycle anyways. I did update the master code, and made sure it is of a competition template, but it still doesn’t work. I would like to say the box are broken, but it did the same thing on 3 other boxes, except 1 box. Any ideas or suggestions?

Are you putting both jumpers in at the same time? If so that’s not how it supposed to work, you can only use one at a time. Put on in interrupt 6 for drive control only or put on in interrupt 5 for autonomous code only.

Are you putting them in the right ports? They need to be in the interrupt ports which are above the motor ports. Interrupt 6 is closest to the side of the controller that has the battery port.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m aware of both things you said. I’m positive I’m putting them in the correct ports, since the numbers are with the corresponding ports. There is also 1 box that it works with, so I know it’s not my mistake. It may be something with the programming, but I doubt it.

Ok just checking to make sure. Since it sounds like you have already re-downloaded the master code and use code and that your using the VRC template I would suggest that if no one else gives you an answer that you post in the VEX tech support section.

BTW what are you using EasyC?

yea, I’m using EasyC, I’m going to be upgrading to robotC pretty soon though, I don’t like the drag and drop style, I come from a coding background.