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So in the past (v4 days) tank treads have been pretty taboo for many of the better teams. I havent used them in the past two years, and ive done great, but i was wondering… with a 4 motor v5 drivebase on a traybot and the right ratios, is is possible for treads to add any benefit? I havent tested it yet (I will), but it seems like tank treads could help add autonomous consistancy, and even improve stability over the goal zone bump. As the cubes are so tightly packed on the field, i dont see much of a downside to lower mobility this year. If I am right, tank treads could be actually not bad this year, but idk. I would love to hear your opinions on the topic tho. Any feedback is valued.

One of the many issues is that the links are easy to separate, and invariably do mid-match. Making a chassis that will run when you have shed the tracks would be essential. And that also means not running on the sprockets as they would shred the tiles.


I don’t mean to be tough… but I mean… imo everything that tank treads can do, wheels can just do better with the correct build. Treads are meant for rough terrain but there isn’t any so ya.


yeah, tank treads, idk they just aren’t good for drives, and they probably never will be. stick with wheels.


I know a lot of people have said this but I just want to emphasize. Wheels > Treads.

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But this exists:


This just made my day!
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Honestly, my partner, last year before we combined teams, used tank treads extremely successfully for a while. Tank treads have many unseen pros. Due to the increased friction, it is much harder to push and/or tip. This friction also does help you play defense yourself. Now the issue with the treads coming off, it never actually happened in any tournament to my now teammate. Furthermore, if it really does appear to be such a big problem, the treads with the holes on the sides could be placed at intervals to zip tie the entire thing together or you could even put some protective metal (1x25 probably or some aluminum if you really want that protection). Now I’m not advocating for treads, I just felt that this thread became extremely biased and at times even may be unintentionally attacking the author. However, to address the author’s question, even after joining my team, my partner did say that he does not recommend treads mainly due to the friction. Even if it may not seem like the main issue with using treads, he did catch a motor, a motor controller, and a cortex on fire (literally) last year (Note: this was using the cortex system). This may not be as major of a problem this year, but with the sensitive ports of the V5 system, this “overload” of friction may kill your brain (the robot that is lol). So in my honest opinion, treads are completely feasible, but the downsides should be taken into consideration when designing your robot. The treads themselves should not be the limiting factor, but your engineering.


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