Just asking for ideas

We have done so much research already but yet to find key ideas. Please insert below!

For what?
20 charerrrs



We just need basics

For building a team what bacic¿ I can’t help you out till I get a clear understanding of what bacics you need help on

  1. Robot must move
  2. You need something to manipulate game objects
  3. You need electronics to make the robot do stuff

I would say using VEX products to build your robot is a pretty good idea, but that’s just me. You may need to perform further research to judge for yourself whether or not that’s true.


This sort of post, where one does absolutely no prior research, invites the snarky remarks you are seeing.

Be respectful of others. Put in the time yourself before asking others for theirs.


In all seriousness, asking for ideas (at least in the manner that you’re asking for them now), won’t lead you anywhere. The forums are a great resource for teams to learn and to bounce ideas around, for people to discuss potential concepts and to refine them. You need to have some ideas first that are circling around your head. Take it slow, think through each task you need to complete. That’s what my team and I have done and still do today, and I’d definitely say it has helped our growth in engineering and design a lot.

For this year’s game, there are rings, and there are goals. We need a way to manipulate them, but in what ways can we do that? For rings, we can pick them up, or maybe we can intake them using rollers like discs. Will it even be effective to manipulate them at all? For goals, we need to move them around, but how do we get them off the floor and move them around? We could pick them up by their post, or we could scoop them up from the bottom.

Try to think through everything you can, and if you find yourself stuck at a certain point, you can come to the forums to ask, and I’m sure you will find many resources and answers to your questions.