Just asking for some advice on how to start the autonomous code

i just kinda started coding, so yeah.

You should probably start it with an opening curly bracket, {


Bread, I would first ask how comfortable you are with programming. Text or blocks? Do you know how functions work / how to make functions? Have you programmed a driver control? What do you want your autonomous to do? It is really difficult to give advice without knowing some background.

As to general advice, for a first time program, use to rotatefor motor commands to rotate for a specific number of rotations. This tends to make more reliable autonomous routines than time based motions.

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I am somewhat comfortable with coding, and I have the driver controls code done with.
and I want the code to go forward, grab a ball, move to one of the collum things, and score it

The VEXcode API has all of the functions that you would need to accomplish it. I would recommend using spinfor but that’s my personal opinion.

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