JUst bought a VEX IQ with Sensors Starter Kit!

Greetings everyone.

Just ordered a Vex IQ starter kit with sensors. Found a place that had a few. The Super Kits are impossible to get right now it seems.

My question to all:

What do I need to add to the kit I got to make it a Super Kit?

I did buy the following directly through Vex:

  • Controller
  • Controller battery
  • 900 mhz raadio x 2
  • Tether cable

Is there anything else to add?

I do intend to but extra parts and such that are not part of the sets eventually.

Was about $30 or so more than buying a Super Kit. Not to bad.

Hi msantti,

You are correct that the four products that are different between the Starter Kit with Sensors and the Super Kit is (1x) Controller, (1x) Controller Battery, (2x) 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Radio, and (1x) Tether Cable. The only other difference in these kits is the kit contents poster - the poster included with the Starter Kit with Sensors does not include the Controller, Controller Battery, etc.

You can download the PDF copy of the Super Kit Contents Poster here.

If you have any additional questions about product availability, please contact sales@vex.com or call us at +1-903-453-0802.


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