Just finished competition at Harvard-Westlake!

Our first (coach’s and team’s) first Vex event and it was a blast. Big thank you to our hosts, they put on a great event. We learned so much, and despite our robot breaking in every way we never conceived of somehow made it into the elimination round.
It was really interesting to see so many different designs. I thought by this time in the season there would be little variation with an established meta and teams grinding out incremental advantage. Nope. There were a number of smaller bots, a bunch of catapults, cube bots (that’s what I call the ones that look like partial or complete cube frames) double flywheel, single flywheel, etc.
just eyeballing it we weren’t the only ones without an autonomous program, probably one 25% had it. Also, we didn’t have an expansion (barely got everything else working in time) and neither did half or more of the teams.
Again, great event, great host, thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to our team.


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