Just got Starstruck Objects

We’ve just received our objects for this year’s game. If anyone has any questions about the stars, ask in this forum and I’ll answer.
Here are some tips:
The stars lack friction between the legs and the ground-maybe a scoop that scoops them up
The stars are very fragile, they can break fairly easily-careful on your mechanisms
They are heavier than usual average objects
The cubes can decompress easily
The cubes have a lot of air resistance

Do you have the bracket for the hanging pole. I hope to make sure my robot goes around the bracket instead of getting caught

No, actually. That’s the only thing I don’t have…
If you look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7OKugrsybY
At 0:56, it shows the pipe and bracket.
As what I see, the width of the bracket diagonally is around 3 inches, and from the vertical side to the pipe is around 1 inch.

Can you post a video of them bouncing? Basically, what happens if you throw it lightly over the wall?

Also just as a side note for anyone’s lift: the hanging pole is not supported on the bottom, and that bracket will most likely bend if your robot begins to fall out of the field. You can see it at the very end of the video.

Edit: Opps I accidentally deleted it

Just wanted to verify this. They are quite fragile. We bought a set at Worlds and one already ripped and we haven’t even done anything with them yet other than look at them. They rip at the center where the “peg” goes through the center.Luckily a bit of hot glue was an easy fix.

I don’t have mine on hand, but depending on how it lands, it could land anywhere within a ~1.5 ft radius of where it first lands.

And the direction it moves is very random. Even if you give is spin in a certain direction it will go a different direction every time it hits the tiles. Very unpredictable.

They bounce really weirdly. If you drop it right it can bounce straight up and down, higher angles seem to make it a less repeatable bounce (the closer to a 90 degree angle drop the less consistent). lower angle tosses seem more repeatable. Spinning them also make a huge difference in how they bounce.

Along with 4149G I’m gonna join the confirmation club and say that the star points snap off. The foam surface also has a tendency to rip and tear. :frowning:

Does that mean that a star could split into multiple parts if a catapult launches it with enough force?

I doubt it; the stars need stretching to really break apart.

No, i don’t think that catapults will kill them, but trying to force them under the fence the wrong could snap off a peg. On another note, if you do get a catapult to rip a peg off… I wanna see it in action!

I attached an image to show where the stars tend to tear. I do not think they will often rip a whole peg off. Instead they tear where the foam is the thinnest because of the nature of how the stars are assembled. If you don’t know, they are two pieces which have to be put together. Because of this there is a very thin area of foam on each side where the “peg” goes through the square opening on the other piece.

Picture attached…

I actually didnt think it was too bad. Most of the times I test launched them they were fairly predictable. Not exactly but better than people make it sound.

I guess my main point is that if teams think that they are going to be able to give the star a certain spin that would help carry it to the far scoring zone…they may find that won’t work as good as they hope. Most teams are going to want to find a way to score the stars in a predictable fashion (repeatedly)

If you had metal/lexan plate at mat level, could it be pushed under the cubes to pick them up?
If not, up against a wall?

Yes I can tomorrow, Let me set a reminder to record a vid and post it on YouTube

Could you give a bit more detail as what you’re saying?

Yes, it can rip apart eventually. If you have a full-field shooter, the stars can eventually break due to their lack of support. It has happened before once when I threw a star onto the playing field.

Honestly, I think the best type of spin if you had to choose one would be backspin. Although I see the NBN balls having backspin, I don’t think having a backspin would really give any lift. As you see in starstruck, the stars are foam-ish and has much more air resistance due to the legs sticking out. So… I think that the stars’ backspin could help, but still not as dramatically… With our shooter, it’s one star per second, and it doesn’t require any backspin for full-court. The only thing limiting us is our speed of our drivetrain, so we made it high speed.