Just got Starstruck Objects

Do you think that two single-acting cylinders exert enough force to easily launch one star from far zone to far zone easily? Two stars? A cube?

I want to know if you can use a lexan/metal plate as a cube intake simply by pushing it underneath, or if you have to have and intake mechanism.

I think it might shoot one star or a cube, but you must have almost no friction to make that possible. If I were you, I would just use a slip gear launcher.

I have CAD designs for both, but I’m leaning towards choo choo or slip gear. It would just be a lot easier if pneumatics were strong enough.

I have tested that the stars have almost no friction with the ground, so I think an intake with metal bendable plates like Green Egg Robotics Fredd III should actually work.
Here’s their robot:

I think they should make pneumatics that could handle 150-200 PSI would be an interesting idea…


I know, I was asking about the cubes.

Ah, ok… The cubes are insanely fluffy, and when the package arrives, you inflate them by shaking them around. Their material, as what I see, could cause problems if you do sharp cuts on lexan, but I think used metal should be able to pick up cubes too. If you were able to make the same design as Green Egg Fred III, you should be able to actually pick up both the cubes and stars. If you’d like I could try to make one and see if accumulation with both stars and cubes could be possible tommorow.

Ok, thanks. :smiley:
That’s been bothering me for days.

You’re welcome :). Just try to make your robot different like you guys normally do when building… Ours is from the start different, let me just say our lift can extend in 1/6th a second, and lift our robot in 1 to 3 seconds. We will be posting a teaser and reveal of our robot so everyone can see how we’ve built our robot.
We invented a new type of lift system, that I’d like to call a “Shooter Lift” because of how it lifts.

Well, using a metal ruler as reference, it slides under cubes with ease. The surface of the cubes have a finish on them which makes it pretty easy to slide stuff under them.

The posts are hollow, and about 2" OD. They are supposed to be secured by a ziptie around the bottom once the pole is through the bracket. I’m thinking hooks similar to tossup hanging lifts which just fit inside of the pole on the top.

Thanks for the pictures! It’s just generic PVC pipe but colored, correct? Until we order the field elements we were planning on prototyping based off of that. If anybody is able to confirm our assumptions, I would appreciate it!

Yes, it’s normal 2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe, exactly what you get at hardware stores. OD is 2-3/8"

@Kevin Boenisch Thanks! Time to test our 0 motor lift… :wink:

A thing I don’t understand: How are you guys breaking these stars? We just got our game objects and we’ve been really fierce with them seeing how they could break, and well, they don’t. We literally repeatedly threw a star at the ground as hard as we could and saw no damage. I think what’s happening here is that you guys are trying to disassemble the stars after putting them together, which we tried and almost ripped a star doing so. I agree, you should be able to do this without seeing any damage, but I don’t think manipulation as specific as this will be encountered during normal gameplay.

In our case of broken stars, no attempts ate disassembling them. Two stars broke. Kids were not “fierce”. It could be a defective run. I will contact VEX and have them debug why 2/7 stars broke.

Are the elevation posts the same as the Skyrise poles? :slight_smile: