Just heard about Vex

Just heard about vex… been looking for something like this for a while. Something thats expandable and lets someone be creative… but doesn’t require me writing assembly code into a 700$ controller. This seems to be a great medium!

Few quick questions:

When it says its “like C”, what does it mean? I program C quiet often, so will the syntax and structure be the same?

Also, is thre no starters kit now? If so, where do I start?

I make fiberglass stuff on the side… has anyone made fiberglass bodies for there vex robots?


Welcome to Vex World! EasyC is a GUI or IDE that generates the C code for you, but you can also write good old fashioned ANSI C using Microchip’s PIC18 C Compiler with MPLAB and an ICD2 debugger or you can use the Boot-Loader to download applications via the serial port.

Yes, there are starter kits. They have enough parts to assemble basic bots. You can perchase them online at http://www.vexlabs.com or check local Radio Shacks for them.

It is possible to make ‘skins’ or covers around the metal parts but it would take alot of work to make a body entirely out of fiberglass.

Side Note: When you say ‘fiberglass’ you do mean Lexan or some sort of material like Lexan, right?


When I say fiberglass… I mean fiberglass. Resin and all… basic way to make said body is, after deciding on a general shape, either to use foam and carve a shape, then glass that… OR, chicken wire with alunium foil… or… etc etc.

Lots of ways.

Be sure you check your local radio shack first. They are selling them for 50% which is $150. Online (and when RS runs out) they will be $300 again. Load up on any accessories you can find (and want) at your local RS too, they have the same discount.

I think some of the cooler accessories are…

Tank Treads, Ultrasonic Range Finder, Omni-wheel and Chain / Sprocket kits. Of course, you can check them all out and figure out what you like :slight_smile:

I would also add buy atleast 2 gear kits if your RS has them…i wish i had!

Just got home from Radioshack… 150$! Like 162 with taxes, woot!

Had to ask the guy, they have like 3 left in the back… Arrowhead mall, Phx, AZ… for those that care.

Totally forgot about batteries… gonna snag some tommorow, is there some kind of battery they sell?


Vex sells an official rechargeable Battery Pack, which contains one rechargeable 7.2v recharceable battery for the robot, and one 9.6v rechargeable battery for the R/C Transmitter. You can also use standard 7.2v hobby R/C car batteries on the robot if you have some, as they are identical to the ones Vex uses.

It’s nice to see your enthusiasm for the Vex kits. They can become quite fun and addicting, and the possibilities are endless. :slight_smile:

just ask if they have the “VEX battery pack/kit” they’ll know what you’re talking about if they have it!

I will tommorow… frigen bank is all screwed up. Does some flipping auto transfer from checking to savings… so like 500$ just vanished from the account.

Anyhow! Soon as I can i’ll get the battery

There was a nice article in Robot Magazine http://www.botmag.com by the Mythbusters on making vacuum formed body shells, so fiberglass would work too. I also fabricate custom parts out of lexan (don’t use acrylic it cracks too easily only poly-carb). You can by 1/8" thick sheets at Home Depot and make a lot of parts that way.

Very intresting!!

I just picked the starter kit up… found the programming kit and battery at radioshack for about 90$ total. Way cheaper then online… gonna snag a few other of there kits while i’m there. Was up for about 7 hours last night building crap. The square bot… then adding a ton of other crap to it… really quiet amusing :slight_smile: