Just missed qualifying for worlds, what now?

This is our first year competing, we are a middle school team and placed fourth in the Missouri state championships. First off, are we allowed to start on the engineering notebook early? We were also thinking about building a chassis now and once next years game is announced just build up from it. Would this be a good idea? Or would it cause too many complications down the road?

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There appears to be no reason why you can’t start on a 2023-24 notebook, although the game won’t be released until the last day of Worlds so before that you don’t have much to log.


Regarding the notebook, see this already existing thread:


We are going over more complex building techniques, and teaching other members of our team how to use c++


A good idea is to start learning things like PID or Odometry. I would also recommend using PROS(I have found this season for it to be superior to VEXcode) you can download the EZ template to get started learning about PID and more advanced coding(i recommend making sure you understand the math before actually using it in competition). There are plenty of threads about this that you can learn from. One more thing I would suggest is setting up a consistent documentation system you will use next season using the judging rubric, really analyzing the way the judges score things, and determining what will work with your team.

This Is kinda what I did last year after my team didn’t qualify for worlds. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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