Just notified - game elements shipped...

Expected delivery date is 5/16 with normal ground shipping.

When did you order? Sounds like they’re shipping in less than the 4 weeks that the website said originally, this is good.

Me too; same date as well

This is the standalone game elements kit, which I just ordered last week. The day after the announcement, I ordered the full field kit (with elements) but no sign of that yet.

hmm I ordered on Saturday night about an hour after the announcement. Nothing yet.

I also ordered the same day as the new game came out, and also no word yet. Fingers crossed.

I’m sort of enjoying the brief off season so I guess I’m not in that big of a hurry.

I’m with you :slight_smile:

Agreed. Not being in a big rush for getting the game elements is nice.

just shipped. Off season over. haha

Yup, just got the note that the field elements and game elements have shipped.

I love how VEX Robotics seasons are basically continous
Like as SOON as people win worlds for last season, they announce the new game, and you can get working as soon as you get home.

To be fair I feel that encourages burnout a bit. A nice relief and break would be nice.

Personally, I like it. My teams wont start building or prototyping for months, but dreaming and imagining can start right away… And this year with the late arrival of V5, it will be an even later start than usual (unless you are a beta tester)

Building right off is not that adventageous, we just start building when the school year starts. But it is useful to have all of summer to conceptualize, design, and think things out.

wow that’s great news! =)