Just recieved field element kit, kudos

I received our Starstruck field element kit yesterday afternoon (5/5). We ordered the kit 4/23, the day after the game was unveiled.

Kudos to VEX and the GDC for getting these game objects and field elements in the hands of everyone this early in the season!

Have you put it together yet? I started putting our kit together today, and a lot of the holes don’t seem to line up very well. I was wondering if this was a wide spread issue.

If you don’t tighten anything until it’s all together, it works well.

I haven’t attempted to put it together yet, I’ll have to do that.

All holes lined up - the key is to use the rubber feet (height alignment with the fence bracket holes) and base plate locations (which side of the tiles the standoffs are located seemingly matters).

VEX wants to charge us $1000 in just shipping for the full field elements kit.
I love being Australia.

^^ per kit, or for a bunch of kits?

I had to have people push on both sides of the field to get the fence holes lined up. Also, some weren’t drilled in the center, they were off a bit. which, when added up, caused the problem.

Sorry, If we get all the 4 kits of field elements, and the fence kit

Maybe better put this way: VEX is billed $1000 by a transport company and they pass this onto you.
International freight isn’t cheap unless it’s by sea and that is totally impractical for a few boxes.

Suggest contacting Chris Hamling at Kiwibots since it looks like he’s working on a shipment down this way. https://kiwibots.co.nz/kiwiblog/entry/new-season-game-elements

Yeah we are deciding on doing that

Thanks to all the advice given in the forum - all setup!
And 8059 all ready for the new build season :slight_smile:20160518_175852.jpg

I like what looks to be the makings of a proof of concept fork scooper outside the lower left side of the field!

Any particular reason for using plywood under the field?

Eagle-sharp eyes!
Sigh… Now our secret is out… Think my students will slaughter me for info leakage :frowning:

It is marine plywood. And it serves 2 purposes - the lab used to flood from water leaking from the ceiling.
And the field used to be resting on tables. But we moved it down since nbn season. But the plywood does made shifting of field much easier and allow us to do levelling of the field easier too.

My students will kill me for saying the only reason I recognized it is because we have a similar device in our shop:)