Just saying thank you

Hi all…

Just thought of dropping a quick note to thanks everyone for a great world championship that just past.
We had a great time over there… both on and off the playing field.

We would like to thank all the teams that we had played with and against during worlds, especially our elimination alliances - 2921S, 4478X, 180A and 169E.
Just hope it has been a great experience for you guys as it is for us.

And of course, a special shoutout to EC3, Jason Neagle and the teams over there, for hosting us the day before worlds and also for being always so welcoming and hospitable.

It was an honor to play with you guys in the eliminations! Thanks for selecting us. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys at worlds next year.

It was great working along with your team during alliance rounds. We hope to work with you guys next year and In the future to come. Your program has some of the best built robots and strategy we have ever seen! Thanks and best of luck in Turning Point!

Monroe, Connecticut

It was awesome to have you guys as an alliance partner in eliminations! You put up a great fight and did your best alongside us. And we appreciate the effort. Good luck in the season to come. And we look forward to seeing you guys at worlds next year. :wink:

-Ethan 2921S

It was so close… and looking at all the scores that you and 8059Z has been putting up for the eliminations (125, 139, 139) as compared to 5225 (of 141, 132, 121), I was even dreaming of Freedom Hall!
I know for sure 2921S and 8059Z will give at least gave the current world champ a real close fight.

But sorry about the stalling… I re-watched the match. It stalled after 8059Z got pushed from the side (but there was nothing illegal about that push by 5225A… i mean, 8059Z and 5225A were pushing each other throughout). But before that, it was pretty neck-to-neck.

Lets hope you guys will go one step further next year. It has been 2 consecutive division finals for 8059Z so far… :frowning:

Thanks for the kind words…
Among all my teams, I think 8059A did the most meta-gaming. Guess it shows when comes to strategy and gameplay :slight_smile:

And btw, 4478X is much much better than your ranking. In fact, 8059A came to me before alliance selection and told me that you are pretty much their top 2 choices.

7682S enjoyed schooling 8059A in defensive play during Q66. Great job in eliminations, good luck for Turning Point!

Q66 has now been included into one of my “how-to-play-the-game” training videos to show my teams.
That was a real cool, brutal and fun game!

Good luck to you guys to for Turning Point!
Hope we will see each other again in next year worlds! :slight_smile:

Thanks that means a great deal to us for you to say that. Good luck and see you next April!

I’d just like you to know that it was a really cool experience on my (and Zac’s) parts. We have both been doing VEX for 5 years, and in our not so successful early years, one of the teams we always looked to for ideas was you guys over at Blank. I recall nbn when we looked at your videos for ideas, and it was almost surreal to actually be able to work with you guys. Thanks a lot for the ideas in the past, and the partnership in the present!

I want to send special thanks to 81Y for choosing us. I hope making it to Freedom Hall showed those two other teams that they should have accepted! Thanks to everyone in Florida and at Worlds for providing an unbelievable rookie year for us. Hopefully this was a season to grow upon.

@rsoviero On behalf of 81Y, thank you for an amazing alliance! We had a fantastic time working with you guys (and gals) to win the research division and compete in the round robin. Your team truly embodies what it means to compete with professionalism, respect and sportsmanship. We took a gamble and ended up meeting some of the best people I could’ve hoped for - and on top of it, we won the division. Best of luck to your school and teacher for the future of the program! Hopefully this season’s success will encourage others to carry on the team name for years to come. I personally look forward to seeing y’all in VexU - hopefully we can meet again in freedom hall.

Ethan Matlack
Rajat Nilakhe
Eric Hallahan

Not exactly bumping the thread…

But just that my boys did a short season recap, and thought I should just share it.


And yes… with the ITZ season recap, we will be starting our build season for singvex too.
And for those who are interested to know - yes… there will be another Ri3D from us.

That’s a really nice video. Great recap!

I can’t wait for the Ri3D!