Just starting

My daughter and some of her friends from Girl Scouts are attempting to start a VEX Robotics team after attending a VEX event at Google this year. We have our team and an engineer acquaintance has offered to coach, however his younger sons are now interested in possibly starting their own team. We have a sponsor lined up but are unsure how to proceed regarding the administrative tasks of getting a club account off the ground and possibly getting non-profit status. Because the girls are all from different schools we can’t use a school as an umbrella to be under and because of the boys’ we can’t use Girl Scouts. I was hoping someone might be able to point me into a good direction. Thanks.

There are some benefits to being part of a large organization. I’d try your local 4H clubs and the Boy Scouts (now rebranded as Scouts BSA since they went coed). The club I ran for more than 10 years is a Boy Scout Venturing Crew.

Do a Google search on how to start a non-profit in your state. That may or may not be doable for the purpose you need. Rick’s suggestion above might be an avenue as well. As for setting up an account, you may be able to set up an alternate account with your bank to handle the funds. I did this when I was in charge of the umpires for the local baseball group. Used the money for umpire shirts, clickers, brushes, etc.
Otherwise, if you are able to set up a non-profit (which takes some money and time), you can set up an account in the name of the non-profit.

We just separated and started our own team, but we have 4 previous years of experience and 5 of the 7 girls are returning from last year. We started a LLC for our team, opened a bank account, found a box of parts on eBay and started building. If you want other info, I’d be happy to share. Just send me a PM.

To directly answer your question, the first step is to make an account at robotevents.com, click the green button to register a team, fill out the info and send them $150. This gets you registered as an actual team that can sign up for events and competitions. After thats done… buy parts, watch youtube videos, attend more events as spectators, build a robot, and go compete. And, most importantly, have fun and learn a ton of things!