JVN's Design Challenge

JVN’s Design Challenge

Want to win a VEX Classroom Lab Kit? --VEX Robotics, has a challenge for you!

We are looking for a VEX Marvel – a “cool” robot such that inexperienced bystanders would enjoy interacting with it or be impressed by it’s awesomeness.

Entries are due by December 1st and winners will get a VEX Classroom Lab kit with Cortex.

hmm, are CADD models allowed for entry?
(in the blog it says take a vid)

Hmm, that might be too easy to create the Hover Vex and Anti-Gravity Vex

It would be real easy to “fudge your numbers” and make something that could not really work in the real world…

yeah yeah, we all saw smartkids renders
but what about a realistic robot that ONLY consists of vex parts?

I’d prefer to see it in real life, but ultimately I’d love to see whatever you’ve got.


Unless it implements some sort of AI for User interaction…

God, what am I gunna have to do next year…


I’ll put some thought into this. I propose one addition to the contest, the winner’s robot gets showcased at the World Championship! That would be really cool.

Otherwise I love this contest and what it stands for.


I really think it would be a pretty large advantage if the robot was “real”…

I’ll probably enter the contest but I honestly don’t have enough parts to win :frowning: Maybe I’ll make a CAD render of my “dream robot” for Swept Away and see how much it would cost to get built.

Or maybe I’ll challenge Shaker Robotics’s students with this.

I don’t think it requires a lot of parts to build something capable of winning this contest. Awesome robots don’t necessarily mean robots with lots of parts.

Hmmm i bet my tennis ball tosser tank would have been pretty good for this.

Thread: https://vexforum.com/t/tennis-ball-tosser-tank/16049/1&highlight=tennis+ball+tosser

Video: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA8TMv8zgfg

It would be really cool if i rebuilt it and added an intake that would reload the thing by picking up tennis balls off the ground. Meh i am really busy these days but maybe just maybe i will rebuilt the thing and add the intake and enter it. We shall see. :cool:


Are multiple entries allowed, as in several completely different robots from the same person?

Sure! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Pile it on…


I’ll be evaluating my prototype at a public demo today. If people like the robot, then I think I’ve met the challenge enough to submit the design. :smiley:

The coolest thing of all is that the robot uses no more parts than what came in the old Squarebot kit. I didn’t need to use anything extra I had at all!

Thanks for giving me something else to do.

What say you about multiple submissions? :wink:


Short answer: multiple submissions allowed.

OOOOH! I’ve got a good idea! Let’s hope nobody beats it out to Youtube, though, or else I’d lose points for originality… grr between all this school, homework, CCD and soccer I’ve barely got enough time to do it:(

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