Kalahari Paparazzi

Any celebrity sightings expected at Kalahari? Saw a video from previous year with @DanMantz in it. I know my kids would be excited if there was a @Grant_Cox sighting. Anyone else from the Vex / RECF that typically attends?


I’ll be there, so there’s that :rofl:

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I typically go to 3 Sig Events per year and try to mix it up each year. I’m attending Pikes Peak, Mecha Mayhem and NorCal Silicon Valley this year. So no Kalahari Classic for me this week. There will be multiple REC Foundation staff there though so please find them and introduce yourself!

Good luck at the event!



Maybe we’ll see you at RiverBots next December??? :smiley:

Michigan in December??? I lived in Michigan for 27 years so I know Lake Erie is not beach weather in December…

Just kidding! I heard the event last year was fun and I’m excited to attend next year!



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