Kalahari Predicament

I was looking at robotevents when I noticed that the Kalahari Classic for 2021 is closed to registration, even though there are 18 spots left. I also noticed that the Kalahari Classic is happening at some of the same days that remote worlds is happening. So I have a couple of questions.

Links to both events


  1. Will Kalahari for IQ reopen for registration, seeing as it’s still a ways out with many spots left?
  2. Will the Kalahari IQ event directly overlap with worlds?
  3. If the above is true, is it possible to swap the event dates of the VRC competition with the IQ competition, giving teams a chance to compete in both?
  4. Will the Kalahari Classic act as a true signature event, offering spots for worlds?

Seeing as not all the information on remote worlds has been revealed to us yet, I understand that not all of these questions can be answered right away.

What is a Kalahari Classic.

The Kalahari Classic is a world-classifying event that takes place in Northern Ohio. They host both a VEX IQ and a VEX VRC tournament (at different times of course) . Both Kalahari events are scheduled around the worlds events, so they might change it again to fit with the new schedule. Hope this clears things up and helps!


The best place to get these questions answered is from the event partners for the the Kalahari Classic itself. Any one attempting to answer on here that is not the event partner for the Kalahari Classic would merely be speculating.


I tried contacting them but no answer… (via email)

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If you win a world qualifying award at Kalahari, then you qualify for worlds 2022 ( I think). My team is going to be at Kalahari this year in vex iq, but we are going to be in vrc next year, so does that mean we qualify for vrc worlds 2022 if we get an award that qualifies us for worlds?

Sorry if that didn’t make sense


As far as I know, the only events that qualify for Worlds 2022 are the Showcase Events. Kalahari this year is both a Signature Event and a Showcase Event (held separately).

At Showcase Events, only the Excellence Award will qualify to Worlds 2022.