Kangaroo design for rise above?

I was thinking of doing this robot called the “kangaroo” and its really good. (I think). Heres the link tell me what you guys think:

you are the kangaroo here

thst is not nice :angry:


Ya it is a great design, but Just telling you don’t try to copy the whole thing.

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I’m not doing vex iq so i guess these are just my thoughts
I think this design is ok, but I’d prefer the chinese design with the little grabbing finger. having an active intake is nicer to have imo cause it makes it a ton easier to drive. Also the deposits with the grabing fingers are so clean.

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How do u read my mind, Backyards crew looks like had the same idea, the min I was gonna post it I saw backyards crew posted almost the same thing. I was soo angry and I accedently throw my robot and deleted the vid of my reveal

why would you be mad at another team because of a bot that looks like yours? it doesn’t really matter - every season is gonna have a few metas that look alike


How convenient, you accidentally threw your robot and deleted your reveal video?!