Kay Bailey Center Construction info

The topic on automatic worlds bids mentioned the construction at the Kay Bailey Convention Center. I was about to post this to it, but didn’t want to highjack the conversation.

About Kay Bailey…

I just read an article from a few days age that said “We’re on track to turn dirt by the fourth quarter of 2024,” but that seems to only be for part of the expansion. The entire project will be done in phases to minimize revenue loss (They are still weighing options). It looks like they will start work in what is currently the surface lots (Our parking during worlds) and demo halls E & F first (Hall F is where HS pits were last year and Hall E housed the nearest fields). Halls A-D would not be demolished until 2028. While there may be some limitations on events, It looks like they are doing what they can to stay open for business. Shutting down completely would be a massive hit the are economy.

Here is the projected timeline

and a look at one possible phase plan.

The PDF I pulled these images from is on the Dallas City Hall website and contains much more information if you are interested.


I found this slide which says that throughout construction the “3C West of Lamar” plan (which is the one currently selected) the convention center will still be available at 100% capacity. So maybe it won’t actually affect worlds?


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