Keep motor up and running

Is it possible to press (then release) button A once, and the motor is running. press (then release) button A once more, then the motor stops?

Appreciate any support or point to the example.


From yesterday, please use the forum search feature.


This is what I call a single button toggle code. Here’s one I whipped up for someone else on a flywheel discussion. Screenshot_20230216-190324_kindlephoto-862517

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Here’s the new fixed one I keep getting it wrong
togglecode_versionwhateveritisnow.v5blocks (5.7 KB)

perhaps test the code before posting.


Just demonstration code, I don’t currently have a way to test it as my current bot is both A: not a flywheel bot and B: Not near me right now nor open to be used for testing

I finally have my problem solved, thanks for all the support!